Just in time for my birthday a package with lots of Hahnemühle products arrived. Can’t wait to start drawing 👏🏻

Feel free to join me here or at instagram (@youdesignme.de) and see these blanc books getting filled with memories.



Waking up in Vienna.With an one hour flight delay last night I had some time for sketching and to practice drawing people in motion. 

Watercolor Sketchbook***

I always start to draw somewhere in the middle of a new sketchbook – still afraid of that first blank page. Here are some more impressions of my trip to Sweden and Norway last week. Hope you’ll enjoy. 

Greetings from Scandinavia***

I’m taking a little break and spend some days in Sweden and Norway. I took four different sketchbooks with me and bouhgt another one in Gothenburg (I had to – it was raining and there was this lovely art supply shop) 

Yesterday I arrived in Gothenburg and today I’m in Moss / Norway. I really do love this rainy weather as it is perfect for some watercolor sketches. You can follow me on instagram if you want to see some more travel sketches.