I hope you had a lovely weekend. I had some time to get back to my sketchbook and to work out some new ideas – here’s a work in progress shot***

Friday – I’m in love

150320_youdesignme_friday-love1. Concrete Table Lamp 

2. “OK” Pillow by youdesignme

3. The Parrot Party – Candle holder

4. 13 Desserts – Aix & Terra Tea

That’s a fact***

statue of liberty by youdesignmeDid you know that…? See my illustration of the statue of liberty at or get your artprint or phonecase in my shop with free shipping thru 4/26


Friday – I’m in Love


friday-love-youdesignme-1504171. Artprint ‘Sophie’ (shipping from Germany)

2. Shower Curtain ‘Irma’ $68.00 $54.40 thru april 18!

3. Phone Cases ‘Exotic Blue’