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Hello Hello – now you can also get some of my illustrations via curioos at – I will upload some more art soon!


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Carnations are known as the ‘flowers of god’ because of their scientific name ‘Dianthus’ given by a greek botanist – ‘dios’ meaning ‘god’ and ‘anthos’ meaning ‘flower’.
I recently uploaded a collection of carnations to my spoonflower shop. The colors are just the way I wanted them to be. And now that spoonflower also ships from Germany (Berlin) it only took a few days till my samples arrived.
Did you know that you can get all designs not only on different fabrics – like jersey, organic cotton or suede – but also as wallpaper and wrapping paper? Simply select your favorite dessin to choose between all three products.




Back from a long weekend at the coast I’d like to share some impressions. Swinoujscie is a great place for a little break even if it rains most of the time…

Now back to work, I’m planing to do an illustrated map for they draw and travel.

pattern in the making***

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I’m working on some new floral pattern to add to my spoonflower shop. These watercolor freesia will soon be available on fabrics and wallpapers.

happy perfumed sachet***

I started a little sewing diy project using my ‘happy’ test swatches from my spoonflower shop and my favorite lemongrass soap. How sad that a picture can’t transfer the smell…

Aquarello ***

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Two weeks ago I spent some hours at Modulor and bought some new paper. My favorite is ‘Aquarello’ by Carta Pura. I bought this one only because I loved the simplicity of the cover – but know that I had time to test it, I’m so in love with the paper too. I love the structure and how the colors bleed in. It’s perfect! So if your looking for a new watercolor sketching block this is it! Happy drawing friends